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Coaching Plan overview


Designed for competitive cyclists of any age looking for weekly communication and feedback from the coach.Including race strategy, planning and execution as well as fueling suggestions. Weekly cumulative training load and form monitoring will be done and communicated to athlete via Whatsapp.

This program is designed for cyclists young or old. If you are looking to add structure to your training with the same principals as the #LeadingEdge plan. Communication would be every 2nd week from the coach, but the athlete can contact coach if he/she has any questions.

For competitive cyclists looking to gain the most out of their training. Coaching techniques that has been built up for over 15 years by Barry Austin from LEADout. Coaching that has delivered World Champions, National Champions, World Tour professional cyclists.


LEVEL 1 Program

  • Training Plan via Training Peaks online platform.

  • Monthly cumulative training load, form monitoring and adjustments.

  • COACH initiated comunication: MONTHLY to comment / question and plan ahead.

  • ATHLETE initiated communication: UNLIMITED via Whatsapp and coach replies.

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